Face Behind The Business

‘Face Behind the Business’, or in my case all over the website🤣

I’m going to give you a little overview on my life within dressedupbygee, so you can experience a more personal approach, rather than an electronic robot telling you when your order has been placed!

So, Dressedupbygee is of course named after myself - Georgia, Georg, Gee, G! I am 22, working full time in London's Insurance industry & I live in Kent.

How it started:

I’ve always been so interested in the latest fashions, pairing outfits together and having a business head on! So when Covid hit, working from home life gave me more time and more opportunities,

In June 2020, after lots of research, clothes trialling & ambition to have a side hustle, I sat in my bed and made an Instagram account, originally named geescloset, then dressedwithgee, and within a few days I settled with dressedupbygee (thanks to Mads)🤍

Covid has been awful to so many people, but I can honestly say I’m so thankful for the lockdown. Everyone seemed to come together on social media (probably because there was nothing else to do!) and there seemed to be a real drive for supporting small businesses, which majorly benefited dressed up!

I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue about the self employed business world, nor how bloody hard it is to think of a logo and aesthetic, post everyday, beat the algorithm and also stay on top of the latest fashions. (Day ones will remember the old blue logo I had #pinterest #retroaesthetic Haha!).

Luckily, I’ve been able to network with lots of different people, that I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t have my business, and along the way I’ve been able to grow my knowledge and skills. (Canva is a babe!)

I am also very lucky to have lots of gorgeous friends who have helped me massively along the way tagging me in there stories and also becoming part time models🤣

Towards the end of the year, I also came up with the idea of going live with @maisiesmithlife who has her own lash business and is now a great friend of mine! Our IG lives drove our followers to engage more with us and we were able to exchange different tips and tools and basically just allow our followers to see our personalities!

More than a year on, the journey has been exciting and I am now finally at the point of having my own website (eeek!)

So, there’s dressedupbygee in a nutshell, the one thing I miss about taking orders through DM is being able to talk to my customers, so if you are wanting to ask me a question about my page or even the business in general please drop me a DM!

Lots of Love,

Gee x